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He moved me up and down rhythmically. "I want you to suck me slowly, passionately moving up and down. I want it to be wet, but not too sloppy. Lot’s of tongue, and keep those lips wrapped tight. When I’m getting ready to cum, then you can speed up, but when I’m actually cumming, nice and slow so it oozes out onto your tongue, and my orgasm lasts longer."

"You got all that down?" he grinned.

"Yes Master."

He motioned to his cock. "Then blow me."

I didn’t need to be told twice, taking my sweet time moving all the way up and all the way down his seven inch hard cock. I was getting more accustomed to feeling it slide in and out of my throat, even coming to enjoy the sensation of being filled. "A little faster," he commanded. "Mmm, that’s it, good boy." I found that if I leaned my head back as I came up, it heightened the sensation of my lips and tongue over his cock.

"Oh fuck yes," he moaned. Taking that as my cue, I started to speed up. "Yes, yes, yes," he said over and over. "Just like that," he said as I about doubled my pace from before. I flicked my tongue out, licking him as I went down, making sure to run it firmly over his head as I came back up.

"Oh god," he moaned, and I slowed down, concentrating my efforts on his head, moving up and down slowly, running my tongue in spirals over his cock. His dick kept on hardening as I slowly sucked him. I thought it was about to burst, then finally, cum started oozing out. I slowed even further, blowing him at almost an agonizing pace while the cum continued to dribble out of his cock. I made sure to take as much as I could on my tongue, relishing the taste and sensation of getting him off.

His orgasm lasted a full twelve seconds, and just about filled my mouth before he finally slid out of me. He put his hand lightly under my chin. "Show me." I opened my mouth, pooling his massive wad of jizz on my tongue. He smiled at the sight. "Good boy, now swallow."

Eagerly, I gulped it down, wincing slightly at the slimy feeling of it washing down the back of my throat, but loving the dirtiness of it. He got off the bed and cut me loose. I breathed a sigh of relief, stretching my sore arms and back.

"Freshen up a bit, we’re going for a hike."

I wandered into the bathroom and started a shower. Climbing in, the water felt good against my aching muscles. I started to wash myself. Predictably my cock began to harden as I worked my way down my body. I soaped over it to clean it, but didn’t masturbate. I didn’t want to disappoint Don.

After about five minutes, I shut the water off, dried myself and walked into the living room. Don hadn’t emerged yet, so I sat down on the couch, cock still hard. Several minutes later he emerged wearing athletic shorts and a T-shirt and carrying a backpack.

He tossed it to me as I stood, and had me put it on. Grabbing his paintball gun, he aimed it menacingly and commanded, "march."

I led the way out the side door into his yard. Before we headed down the path into the woods, he stopped. "Get on your knees and rub your face against my cock." I looked at him for only a split second before I did as he told.

"Good boy," he said when he let me get to my feet, "but I saw the hesitation." He broke off a thin pencil wide branch about three feet long. "Spread your legs." I did as I was told and interlaced my fingers behind my head. He gave me three hard whacks on my inner thighs before running the branch lightly down them. He gave a final one to my balls, causing me to half double over before I realized he hadn’t quite hit hard enough to hurt much.

"Keep walking."

Every once in a while he would whack me on the ass with the stick, or prod me in the back or ass with his gun. He led me on a winding path through the woods for about an hour, mostly wasted because after fifteen minutes I had no bearings whatsoever.

Finally we reached a clearing and he allowed me to set the pack down on a tree stump in the center. There was a wooden ladder leading up to a hunting blind about fifteen feet up in the tree. There was scrapwood piled on one side, and what looked like the remnants of a dilapidated shed.

"Found this little area while exploring a few weeks ago, some hunter must have owned the land before me. Makes a real nice secluded place. It’s about at the center of the property. Believe me, there are no houses for miles." That last sentence sent a tingle down my spine and up my cock.

He grabbed a pair of heavy duty leather cuffs with a chain link in the center and fastened them around my wrists. Unlike the other cuffs, these were wider and buckled shut. He then grabbed my arms and raised them over my head. He tied them off to a dangling rope that I must have missed coming into the clearing. I felt my arms being raised over my head by some sort of pulley system.

He pulled me taut, until I was on my tiptoes, then, to my surprise, didn’t stop. I gasped as the heavy duty cuffs supported my wrists and lifted me off the ground. He stopped when there was about a foot between my feet and the forest floor. I dangled there, swaying slightly while he removed my shoes and socks. He grabbed long lengths of rope and tied my ankles to trees on either side of me until I was completely spread.

He approached me slowly, smiling. He took my cock in his hand, prompting another helpless gasp from me, and started stroking me again. It only took him a few moments to get me close, to get me moaning. I was so turned on, and it’d been days since I’d cum. Just when I thought I was about to reach the tipping point, he stopped and smiled at me, knowing full well what he was doing to me.

I hung there, panting, trying to get a hold of myself. He grabbed a ball of twine and wound it a between my cock and balls and my body. He produced a small loop at the base of my cock, which he attached a thicker rope to. He walked out in front of me, pulling at the rope, forcing me to thrust myself forwards.

My body strained at the ropes in the uncomfortable position, bent, offering my bound cock out to him. He grabbed something and moved around behind me. I yelped as I felt the first slash across my ass. He whipped me 9 more times before moving forward to inspect his work.

"Some nice red stripes there," he remarked. At this point I was frightened, though not in a whole lot of pain. He whipped me five more times, each one seeming to his the same spot on my ass. I started to yelp as the last one touched.

"Hurt?" he asked, tenderly rubbing the marks.

"Yes Master."

"Well you’ve taken the pain admirably. Barely a peep out of you. How’s your cock?"

For the first time, my mind wandered back to the ropes that bound my manhood. The strain was painful, though not unbearable. I was more worried that permanent damage would be done to a rather important part of myself. "It hurts master."

"I’ll bet your arms and legs are quite sore by now too."

It was true, my shoulders and wrists were beginning to feel the strain of my weight, and my legs were cramping at being spread and stretched so tightly. I nodded at him. He walked around in front of me with the whip. I could see know that he’d removed his shirt.

"I think you look good suspended like this," he told me, eyeing my young body. He tugged on my cock restraint some, causing my mouth to open, though no sound came out. After a few seconds, he gently let me back down. He moved closer to me, licking my cock and taking the head in his mouth. I’d have blown it right there were it not for the ropes that restrained my dick.

"Oh god," I moaned as he sucked me for a few seconds then pulled off, leaving my cock glistening with the remnants of his spit.

"You like that?" He grinned.

"Yes Master."

"You want to cum, its been two days, how bad do you want it?"

"Very badly Master."

He stroked me a few more times. "Oh shit," I panted each time his hand moved up and down. Like before, he stopped just before it felt like I was about to blow.

"What will you give me for it?"

"Anything Master," I practically yelled.


"Yes Master."

He cut my cock and legs free. Still hanging there, I tried to stretch as best I could. A few seconds later, I felt myself being lowered and my feet touched the ground again. He released my arms, allowing me to stretch them, and work out the kinks that come with hanging for so long. I gingerly rubbed my back and ass. The marks were still there, and still ginger.

"Get on your knees and suck me while I figure out what I want to do with you," he commanded me. I dropped down and crawled to him, sliding his shorts and boxers down to his ankles. He stepped out and flung them aside with his foot. I licked the bit of precum off his cock and took him in my mouth without hesitation.

I worked at going as deep as I could, as long as I could, strengthening my blowjob skills. I rested my hands on his thighs and buttocks while I bobbed my head up and down.

"Mmmm," he moaned, "you’re getting very good at that." He pulled me to my feet and walked me over near the pulley. He bent me over, allowing me to continue sucking his cock while he bound my wrists behind my back. Once the cinch was tightened, he attached it to the pulley, putting me in the strappado position.

My legs were spread once more, this time with a spreader bar. He tied my collar off to a tree in front of me, and ropes around my thighs held me to two trees behind me. I was bound in position, restrained against moving too far forwards or backwards.

His cock appeared before me once more, and I resumed my blowjob. "Yeah, get it nice and wet," he commanded. I drooled all over him, giving him sloppy head. "Good boy," he told me, pulling away once more.

I heard what sounded like some sort of tube opening behind me, and him slowly stroking his cock. Before I knew what was happening, my back stiffened as he slid a finger into my asshole. I writhed at the unexpected foreign invasion, but the ropes held me fast. I realized for the first time what a vulnerable position I was in.

"Relax," he told me, sliding his finger in and out. "It’ll make it so much easier."

I tried to breathe deeply, to calm myself. The truth was, I was incredibly aroused at my own helplessness and where this was all leading. He slid in another finger, and my eyes widened at the shock of being full.

He slowly slid them in and out, letting me get used to their girth. He twisted and turned his fingers as he thrusted him into me. I gasped as they found the spot inside me, and my dick grew impossibly harder. I tensed and strained against the ropes. He laughed softly at that.

"Feels good?"

"Oh god, yes Master."

He prodded at me a bit more, then slid his fingers out. I gasped as they left me. He walked around in front, his cock waving inches from my lips.

"I want you to see what I’m going to do, to anticipate, to let your imagination run."

He held it tauntingly close while he unwrapped a condom and slid it down his cock. My heart raced knowing that it was soon to be inside of me. He squirted some more lube into his hand and softly stroked himself. It made a slight squishing sound against the silence of the woods.

Finally, after a few moments, he moved around behind me. I waited in nervous anticipation, trying to prepare myself. It didn’t work as I gasped in shock and pulled against the ropes when the tip of his cock brushed against my asshole. My mouth opened wider and wider as he grabbed my hips and pushed further and further in.

No sound escaped my mouth as he filled me more than I thought possible. He pushed in all the way, and held it there for a moment. The feeling was indescribable, there was no small amount of pain, but still something else that made it worthwhile.

Gradually, as he remained still, my body adjusted to his cock inside of me. My muscles relaxed and the pain started to fade somewhat. He started to move slowly in and out. It hurt at first, torturing different muscles. I struggled to remain calm, and not tighten up and make things worse for myself.

As he kept a steady pace, I got more and more used to the sensation. The pain seemed to disappear as he continued to fuck me. Make no mistake, it was still present, but everything else took over. The submission at allowing him into me the pleasure at being full, and at his cock teasing the sensitive areas within me.

"Mmm," he moaned, smacking my ass. I grinned at the pleasure I was giving Don, the way I was letting him use my body.

"Uh, uh, uh," I grunted and moaned each time he plowed into me. His moans also grew louder and louder, as my tight asshole gripped his cock.

"Oh yeah," he smacked me ass again, harder. I yelped happily at the pain and pleasure. "Fuck yes," he rocked me harder against the bonds. A slight pain told me he was close as his cock swelled.  He smacked and grabbed a handful of my ass as he blew his load inside of me. 

"Ooh," I moaned, surprised at the new warmth inside of me. His pace slowed considerably, milking himself into me. At long last he stopped and held his cock in me for a while before slowly sliding it out.

"Ugh God," I moaned helplessly as it popped out and my previously filled ass closed quick. He walked around in front of me once more, his condom-less cock still covered in some cum and rapidly softening.

He offered it out to me and I gladly cleaned it off, savoring the salty taste of jizz as it hit my lips.

"What do you say?" he demanded.

"Thank You Master."

"Good boy."

My asshole throbbed, both with soreness, and pleasure, a longing to be filled again. He cut me loose, and I collapsed, tired and sore from the long tough bondage position.